Mission Statement:

The Goal Of The Environmental House Is To Practice, Promote, And Teach An Environmentally Sound Lifestyle. Through Personal Actions And Community Programs The Residents Of The House Will Promote A Greater Awareness Of Environmentally Responsible Living. When At All Possible Residents Should Try To Recognize The Assumptions Behind Their Lifestyle And Make Conscious Decisions About Their Actions.

The ENS house is open to any AU student with a desire to experiment with environmentally friendly, low-impact living. We're trying to create a supportive community where interested persons can, by taking advantage of each other's ideas, enthusiasm, and experience, expand their interpretations of what it means to be "green." Residents of the house have tried such things as doing without certain electrical appliances like clothes dryers and hair dryers, composting kitchen wastes, changing personal habits so as to minimize heat and electrical light usage, improving the house's heat exchange ratio by insulating windows with plastic film, experimenting with alternate food storage and refrigeration, economizing on use of water for bathing and dish washing, cleaning with non-toxic biodegradable products, and finding ways to reduce consumption of consumer goods. One way in which house residents contribute to an environmental exchange is by becoming a part of the ASTER.

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