Date Speaker Affiliation Title AU Class On ENS server
9/10/2004 Gretchen Miles Alfred University Stable Carbon Isotopes: A Tool for Understanding Carbon Uptake by Forests 2005  
9/10/2004 Skylar Pais Alfred University Uranyl Ion Exchange in Zeolites: Moving Toward Model Compounds 2005  
9/17/2004 William Kappel US Geological Survey The Good, the Bad and the Brine - Hydrogeology of the Onondaga Valley, Syracuse, NY    
9/24/2004 Virginia Rasmussen Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD) Communities Take the Offense: St. Thomas Township vs. St. Thomas Development Corporation    
10/1/2004 James Curatolo Upper Susquehanna Coalition The Upper Susquehanna Coalition - A Watershed Approach addressing Nonpoint Source Issues in the Headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay    
10/8/2004 Tim Lowenstein Binghamton University Secular Variations in Seawater Chemistry and its Influence on Marine Life    
10/15/2004 NO SEMINAR -- FALL BREAK        
10/22/2004 John Slater Daniel Webster College Global Warming and Regional Cooling    
10/29/2004 Margaret Davis University of Minnesota Using fossils to trace forest response to changing climate: an example from old-growth hemlock-hardwoods in northern Michigan    
11/5/2004 David Lytle United States Forest Service The Border Lakes Project: Managing a Mixed-Ownership Forest Landscape for Multiple Objectives    
11/12/2004 Eugene Wahl Alfred University Global Temperatures Over the Last Two Millennia, Recent Controversy, and Modern Human-Caused Climate Change    
11/19/2004 Clarence Lehman University of Minnesota Biodiversity and our planet's changing ecosystems    
12/3/2004 Matthew Hall Alfred University Enabling Materials for the Hydrogen Economy    

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