Date Speaker Affiliation Title AU Class On ENS server
9/7/2007 Barbara Dumke   Environmental Spirituality: science and faith as partners    
9/14/2007 Kathryn Link Alfred University Hormone disrupting chemicals    
9/21/2007 Laura Blake Cadmus Group Modeling phosphorus loading and lake response in (AU '99) New York watersheds 1999 ppt
9/28/2007 Matt Neatrour Colgate University Long-term effects of acidic deposition: the influence of acid-induced calcium loss on the biological function of forest and stream ecosystems    
10/5/2007 Virginia Rasmussen Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD) How did we land in this earthly predicament?: deciding our way out   ppt
10/12/2007 NO SEMINAR -- FALL BREAK        
10/19/2007 Adam Burnett Michigan State University Great Lake-effect snowfall and its relationship with lake and air temperature, ice cover, and wind flow    
10/26/2007 Michael Mann Penn State University Global warming and its likely societal impacts   ppt
11/2/2007 Eugene Wahl Alfred University Ethical considerations in the development and use of flood forecasts   ppt
11/9/2007 Jean Cardinale Alfred University Microbial Ecology: challenges and advances in microbial community analysis   ppt
11/16/2007 Emma Grigg University of California, Davis Studying marine mammals in San Francisco Bay, CA: factors shaping habitat use and driving population trends in harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) in a highly-disturbed estuary    
11/23/2007 NO SEMINAR -- THANKSGIVING        
11/30/2007 Russell Patterson Charleston Air Force Base Environmental management on military installations using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 1999  

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