Title Advisor
Class of 2004
Sara L. Beatty The Influence of the Village of Alfred on the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community of Canacadea Creek.  
Christine E. Campanelli Energy Efficiency in the Alfred University Environmental House.  
Dylan Macro How can GIS Improve Comprehensive Town Planning?  
Tabitha V. Maher Particle Composition and Distribution at Alfred University Based on SEM Analysis of Leaves on Academic Alley.  
Chris S. Sandford Winter Harvesting Tecniques.  
Sara Thompson Uptake of Nutrients by Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii, An Analytical Comparison Between Organic and Inorganic Nutrient Sources.  
Jennifer L. Volta Contaminated Runoff from Alfred Universities Paved Surfaces: An Analysis of the Canacadea Creek Watershed.  
Class of 2003
April Baldwin Tissue Culturing of Robinia Pseudoacacia and Exposures.  
Thomas J. Beyer Dendrochronolgy of Pine Hill: Study of Red Pine and White Ash as Climate Indicators.  
John Buzzard, IV Using Geographic Information Systems in Emergency Management.  
Caroline B. DeMay Using GIS to Locate Potential Sites in Allegany County to Install Wind Turbines.  
Josh Dunn Anion and Cation Dynamics in a Partially-Developed Watershed.  
Anna V. Fuller A Seasonal Comparison of the Vernal Pools at the Pfieffer Nature Center.  
Jaimie A. Hall Problems with Paving: The Consequences of Urban Runoff .  
Kurtis E. Herlocher Reversing the Loss of Wetlands.  
Sarah Judd Companion Planting of Summer Squash.  
Mark M. McGovern Elevation, Industry, and Settlement Patterns in the Mid 19th Century, Allegany County, New York.  
Class of 2002
Israel Carpenter Methodology for Environmentally Safe Manure Degradation.  
Brandon Chamberlin Connections with Nature.  
Lindsay deCsipkes Medicinal Plant Culture of the Native Americans and Indigenous People of Kenya.  
Adam Gardner Determining Nitrogen Speciation and Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation in Precipitation, Groundwater, and Soil Moisture in a Small Watershed.  
Susan A Giffin Comparison of the United States and Germany's Glas Recycling Methods.  
Maghan C. Heyes The Surficial Geology and a Drainage Analysis of the Former Buffalo Crushed Stone Quarry, Alfred Station, NY.  
Catherine J. Naster Brownfield in Allegany County.  
Jaime Luis Pena Effectiveness of Different Hydroponic Systems.  
Midori Sakurada The Japanese Attitude on Environmental Issues.  
Jessica L. Sick The Trials and Tribulations of Implementing the SO2 Acid Rain Program in Local Industry.  
Class of 2001
Tiffani Anglin, Lindsay Clark, Petra Jackson, and Alfred Kannely The effects of salinity on cadmium uptake in the deposit feeding Amphiura filiformis (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea).  
Kathleen Bailey Alfred University's Recycling Practices.  
G.Douglas Clarke Alfred University ... A Few Miles Further (Environmental History of early Allegany County settlement).  
Heidi Fields A Comparison of Three Forest Communities in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.  
Edward H. Goyda Christianity & the Environment.  
Christin Jordan Environmental Attitudes: Where Do Western Philosophy and Religion Meet?  
Christa R. Nyman Defending Their Land: Concerned Citizens in Opposition to an Environmental Threat.  
Jennifer Titus An ecological correlation study between the freshwater sponge and the degree of water clarity in the Thousand Island Region, Saint Lawrence River, New York.  
Class of 2000
Hank Adams    
Hannah Hallman Tracing Sulfate, Nitrate, and Hydrogen Ion Concentrations Through the Hydrological Cycle in a Small New York Watershed.  
Luke Schulze Hydrogeophysical Analysis of Green Lake, Tull, New York.  
Kristin Sloane Are the Pines Now? An Historical Study of Pine Hill.  
Kerry Welch Light Pollution On Tucker Field.  
Class of 1999
Jodie Pepin Hazardous Waste Removal from Drinking Water.  
Laura J. Blake A Hydrogeochemical Analysis of Green Lake, Tully, NY.  
Russell Patterson Geographic Information Systems and Emergency Services Planning: A Study of Rensselaer County, New York.  
Laura Spooner Are Crayons Really Non-Toxic?  
Ann Mestrovich A History of Women's Participation in the Environmental Movement.  
Colin Grubel Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Primary Obstacle to Tiger Conservation.  
Jane Johnson    
Craig Rosen    
Geoffrey Beyer Sample Preservation for the Ion Chromatagraph.  
Renee Richard Promoting Deep Ecology Awareness in Children: The Power of Storytelling.  
Class of 1998
Michael Alfieri Tully Moraine Hydrogeochemistry Study.  
Ashlee Cancio-Bello Women's Experience in Wilderness.  
Shawn Cecula Source Clays for Use in Immediate Absorption of Spilled Hydrocarbons.  
Frank Coccho The Ecological Effect of Golf Courses.  
David D'Amico Business Compliance with Environmental Standards.  
Samuel Dean A Study of the Canacadea Stream and its Underlying Aquifers.  
Oren Kuhn Recycling: Does it Work?  
Bradley Lewis Water Quality - Agricultural Runoff.  
Paul Mitchell Stratigraphy of the Tully Moraine.  
Jacob Moseley A Study of Environmental Education.  
Raquel Penzo Land Reclamation in New York City.  
Nathan Pratt Mapping Groundwater Flow.  
Stephen Sadowski Do Plants Profit from High CO2.  
Margaret Soulman Disinfection of Wastewater Effluent  
Katherine Williams.    
Shannon Youmell Reducing Nitrogen & Phosphate Using Plants.  
Class of 1997
Jaimee Hall An Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Systems. Tom Rasmussen
Kari Jermansen Assessing the Environmental Knowledge, Behavior, & Concern of Alfred University Students. Tom Rasmussen
Clifton T. Mollitor Conserving Energy Using Passive Solar Technology. Tom Rasmussen
Sarah Day Posniewski Cross Cultural Perceptions of Nature. Bob Myers
Jason Primrose Trace Metals in Bay Sediments from Antigua, British West Indies. Michele Hluchy)
Christen Schofield The Effects of Erosion- Prevention Structures on the Beaches of Southern Rhode Island. Gordon Godshalk
Janice Vitale Testing of a Spring for a Potential Drinking Water Supply: Belmont, New York. Michele Hluchy
Christian Weigandt Effects of Behavior And Attitudes On Energy Conservation. Jim Booker
Ann Whealan Metals in Sediment Samples from Nike Pond, Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Michele Hluchy
Jennifer Wisniewski Mountain Goat Management. Jim Booker
Alison Wolfe Polychlorinated Biphenyl Pollution of the Hudson River: Who Has Brought Good Things to Life? Tom Rasmussen
Aaron Yecies Water Analysis of the Canacadea Creek. Michele Hluchy
Class of 1996
Alethea Cariddi Aquatic Toxicology: Effects of Common Effluents on Fathead Minnows. Gordon Godshalk
Jodi Cohen Possessions and Power: A Global-Historical Analysis of Environmental Destruction. David Kowalewski
Dillon Finan Uncle Sam is Turning Green. Steven Peterson
Lara Gray Culture and Environmental Contamination in the United States and Japan. David Kowalewski and Choichiro Yatani
Chad Kenward Poaching (Illegal Hunting) and New York State. Marc Olshan
Kristen Kloven GATT and the Environment. David Kowalewski
Paul Kress An Evaluation of Deer Management. Marc Olshan
Dan Leone The Acid Rain Program: Can Market-Based Environmental Regulation Succeed in the U.S.? Marc Olshan
Salvatore S. Mangiafico Animal Rights and Environmentalism: Conflict and Convergence. Marc Olshan
Christa Marlowe The Nature of "American" Foreign Policy: Applying Standard Crisis Decision-Making Models to International Environment and Development Issues. Tom Rasmussen
Amy Marsh Moving Beyond Romanticizing: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Indigenous Peoples and the Environmental Movement. Marc Olshan
Jen Otenti Geochemistry of the Hydrologic Cycle in Alfred. Michele Hluchy
David Peterson Chrysotile: The Controversial Asbestos. Gordon Godshalk
Stacia Pike Comparison of Disturbed and Undisturbed Soils in Alfred, N.Y. Michele Hluchy
Lori Quillen The effects of habitat loss and food conditioning on a population of black bears (Ursus Americanus) living in northern NJ. Tom McDowell
Heather C. Rowe The acclimation of Dreissena polymorpha (zebra mussels) to increased salinity. Gordon Godshalk
Daniel A. Siess Evaluating Risk Assessment and Perception at a Local Site: The Hyland Ash Monofill Project. David Meissner
Donna Kristie Siroonian A Hydrologic Soil Analysis of a Floodplain: North Hornell, New York. Michele Hluchy
John F. Slater A Study of Alfred's Ground Water. Michele Hluchy
Erika Stapleton Differences in Vegetation on Eskers: How Parent Material Affects Soil Development. Michele Hluchy
Scott Taylor The Rationale of Deer Hunting in New York State. Marc Olshan
Kristopher B. Williams Representative Forest Management of Allegany State Park. Michele Hluchy

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