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MacDEM produced great DEM files. I wanted to adjust these to see how the topography of Western NY looked while all those lakes were making beaches everywhere. The best I could come up with was Fairchild's 1918 map.

Fairchild's map showing post glacial uplift

First with REALBasic, and then with GRASS and Gdalwarp, I managed to tilt the DEMs back to remove this uplift. The numbers I arrived at were:

to the E 50 ft in 60 miles = 0.0001570

to the N 100 ft in 50 miles = 0.0003788

This is equivalent to a strike and dip of

N 67.5W, 0.023 NE

Hinge was set at 42N, 78W

Here are links to maps with the tilt removed (you may want to use your Download button):

Western NY jpg

Western NY kmz overlay for Google Earth

NY State and Vicinity

And some of the same maps without the tilt removed:

Very big DEM of Western NY

NY State and Vicinity

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