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The Geology Department has developed a list of seven learning goals and objectives. To help the student see which discussion topics, and which questions on our graded learning opportunities, pertain to which goal or objective, a seven digit binary number will be found associated with each discussion topic and each question on our graded learning opportunities. A 'one' indicates substantial relevance to that goal or objective, and a 'zero' indicates little relevance.

Here is the list:

1. Understand physical and theoretical models of how the earth works and the limitations of those models
2. Develop an appreciation of geologic time and the history of the earth
3. Understand how earth processes result in present landscapes
4. Demonstrate understanding of dynamic equilibrium and feedback mechanisms in earth systems
5. Be able to understand, use and evaluate quantitative data to solve problems or support hypotheses
6. Be able to find and use primary literature (for GEOL 101 replaced by "Know the 48 contiguous states")
7. Use geologic materials and landscapes to reconstruct earth history

So, a discussion about how seismic wave arrival times can be used to infer distance to, and time of, an earthquake would have a code of 1000100, as it would pertain mostly to goals 1 and 5. A discussion of how the direction of the prevailing winds in New Zealand controls not only precipitation, and hence erosion rates, but how these in turn influence tectonic uplift rates, would have a code of 1111001. If this discussion also included a quantitative example and required accessing the paper in which the model was first described, the code would become 1111111. A question on a graded learning opportunity which presented stratigraphic sections at several locations, and asked you to determine the direction of the paleoslope and whether sea level was rising or falling, might have a code of 1010101.

Results on graded learning opportunities will be reported to students on Blackboard, with a breakdown by goals and objectives.

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