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Elementary Oceanography (GEOL 106) Syllabus

Text: An Introduction to the World's Oceans, by Keith A. Sverdrup, E. Virginia Armbrust, Tenth Edition. Other editions are fine, many are available on reserve in Herrick Library, adjust reading to fit. Another book, also available on reserve in Herrick Library, is Invitation to Oceanography, by Paul Pinet, various editions, and relevant chapters are listed below. Other textbooks are also available in Herrick, but you will need to find the reading which is relevant to the topics being discussed.

Date Discussion topics Chapter in Sverdrup Chapter in Pinet
17-Jan Course overview    
18-Jan Earth orbit, rotation, etc.    
23-Jan History of Oceanography I - through 1500 1 1
25-Jan History of Oceanography II - 1500 - 1950 1 1
30-Jan Early Earth; Geologic Time 2 2
1-Feb Navigation; Charts and Projections; Hydro Cycle 2 2
6-Feb World according to Tharp; Plate Tectonics 3 3
8-Feb Bathymetry; Sea Floor; Sediments 4 4
10-Feb Graded Learning Opportunity 1    
14-Feb Physical Properties of Water 5 5
17-Feb Chemistry of Seawater 6 5
21-Feb Structure and Motion of the Atmosphere 7 6
24-Feb Ocean Structure; Water masses 8  
28-Feb Thermohaline Circulation: Conveyor Belt , MOC 8 16
1-Mar Surface Currents; the Gulf Stream 9 6
6-Mar Break    
13-Mar Waves 10 7
15-Mar Tsunami 10 7
20-Mar NEGSA - no class    
21-Mar NEGSA - no class    
22-Mar Equilibrium Theory of the Tides 11 8
27-Mar Dynamic Theory of the Tides 11 8
29-Mar Graded Learning Opportunity 2    
4-Apr Coasts, Beaches, and Estuaries 12 11, 12
7-Apr CO2, Sea Level, Global Warming 7, 12 16
11-Apr Environmental Issues and Concerns 13 14, 15
14-Apr El Nino; ENSO; PDO and others 7  
18-Apr The Living Ocean 14 9
21-Apr Productivity and Life 15 10
25-Apr The Plankton:  Drifters of the Open Ocean 16 13
28-Apr The Nekton: Free Swimmers of the Sea 17 13
1-May The Benthos: Dwellers of the Sea Floor 18 13
5-May Final Graded Learning Opportunity: 1:15 3:15 PM    

There will be two one-hour-long Graded Learning Opportunities, each worth 25% of your grade, and a two-hour Final Graded Learning Opportunity, worth 50% of your grade. Exams will try to probe your understanding and comprehension of the material. (See Learning Outcomes.)

This syllabus represents my plan for the semester as of the first day of the semester. It is subject to change at my discretion. If you desire to see it modified to include additional material, or omit material which you believe has been adequately covered in some other course, please bring this to my attention as soon as possible.

Please note that attendance is not required. If you attend class, it is expected that you are there to learn what is being discussed. Therefore, if you need to write a paper, surf the web, text message your friends, or engage in other activities which are not part of our classroom discussion, please do not come to class.

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