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The New York Geological Association (NYSGA) has been holding Field Conferences, and keeping the Guidebooks that these have generated, since the early 1950's. Essentially "self-published," these Guidebooks often contain detailed descriptions of rocks and localities which cannot be found anywhere else.

In addition to descriptions of rocks, roadcuts and regions, these Guidebooks also contain the interpretations of their authors. Not subjected to the formal peer review process that occurs in other publications, these works are instead subjected to the sometimes spirited criticism which takes place in the field. Unfortunately, that has not been preserved...

Although modified by nature, and often obscured by anthropogenic construction and destruction, most of the rocks are still there. And, thanks to the efforts of the NYSGA, most of the Guidebooks are still with us, as well. This project seeks to make this treasure trove of geological information more easily accessible to interested parties by putting their road logs into a kml format which can be used by Google Earth.

Our goal is to put these documents into a modern geographic display. Often the roads have changed, sometimes Interstates and other road construction have removed outcrops, and when we have been able to decipher those changes, we have noted these modifications. However we have avoided making any changes in the text, even if current thinking is at odds with the opinions expressed there.

Our (limited) objectives:

How this project might be extended:

What's in it for the NYSGA?

Long term challenges:

Google Earth requires live updating. This means that the links which we put into our kml files need to be maintained on somebody's server. We can try to minimize these, and try hard to keep track of just which ones we have and must maintain, but if photos, etc., are going to be added the server requirements may become onerous, or at least expensive.