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Entire Guidebook
Table of Contents
SatA - The First Great Devonian Flooding Episodes in Western New York - Reexamination of Union Springs, Oatka Creek, And Skaneateles Formation Successions (Latest Eifelian - Lower Givetian) in the Buffalo-Seneca Lake Region
SatB1 - Silurian-Early Devonian Sequence Stratigraphy, Events, and Paleoenvironments of Western New York and Ontario, Canada
Sat B2 - An Examination of Eurypterid Occurrences in the Williamsville Formation (Bertie Group) Exposed in Ridgemount Quarry
Sat C - Structure and Upper Devonian Stratigraphy in the Appalachian Plateau of Allegany County, New York State, Including the Clarendon-Linden Fault System
SatD - Encounters Of Natural, Fiscal And Legal Kinds On The Coast Of The Great Lake Erie - Dealing With Harbor Controversy At North East And Harborcreek-Shades Beach, Pa
SatE - Quaternary Geology And Water Supply Issues
SatF - Geology of the Zoar Valley Gorge of Cattaraugus Creek Cattaraugus and Erie Counties, New York
SunA - Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center - Visit to a Classic Geological and Outdoor Education Center
"Nunda Sandstone" Depositional Event in the Pipe Creek Black Shale South Wales-Varysburg Area, New York
SunB - Frasnian (lower Upper Devonian) geology ofwestern New York as seen along Eighteenmile Creek and Route 20A - submarine discontinuities, gravity flows, and mass extinction
SunC - Fossil Faunas and Microstratigraphy of the Upper Ludlowville Formation - Small-scale Sea Level Fluctuations and Converging Unconformities
SunD - Holocene Meander Incision Imposed Across a Buried Valley Wall
SunE - Workshop - Earth Science Field Trips for High School Students
SunF - Workshop - Project SunSHINE -Students Help Investigate Nature in Eastchester
SunG - Workshop - Introduction to Automated Weather Source (AWS)


Lake George


Entire Guidebook
Table of Contents
A1 - Geology and Geochronology of the Southern Adirondacks
AA1 - Metamorphism, Cooling Rates and Monazite Geochronology of the Southern Adirondacks
A2 - Best Kept Geologic Secrets of the Adirondacks and Champlain Valley
A3 - Early Paleozoic Continental Shelf to Basin Transition Rocks - Selected Classic Localities in the Lake Champlain Valley of New York State
A5 - Late Glacial Water Bodies in the Champlain and St. Lawrence Lowlands and their Paleoclimatic Implications
A7 - The Champlain Thrust System in the Whitehall-Shoreham Area: Influence of Pre- and Post-thrust Normal faults on the Present Thrust Geometry and Lithofacies Distribution
B1 - Geology and Geochronology of the Eastern Adirondacks
B2 - Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Northeastern Adirondack Highlands
B3 - Geology and Mining History of the Barton Garnet Mine, Gore Mt. and the NL Ilmenite Mine, Tahawus, NY with a temporal excursion to the MacIntyre Iron Plantation of 1857
B4 - New Views on Faulting, Fabric Development, and Volume Strain in the Taconic Slate Belt Western Vermont and Eastern New York
B5 - Middle Ordovician Section at Crown Point Peninsula
B6 - Early Paleozoic Sea Levels and Climates - New Evidence from the East Laurentian Shelf and Slope
B7 - Dacryoconarid Bioevents of the Onondaga Formation and the Marcellus Subgroup, Cherry Valley, New York
B8 - Glacial Lake Albany in the Champlain Valley
B9 - Influence of Geology on the Acidification Status of Adirondack Lakes and Streams
C1 - Timing and Depth of Intrusion of the Marcy Anorthosite Massif - Implications from Field Relations, Geochronology and Geochemistry at Woolen Mill, etc.
C2 - Precambrian Geology of the Whitehall Area, Southeastern Adirondacks
C3 - Metagabbros of the Southeastern Adirondacks - Evidence for Separate Syn-kinematic, and Post-kinematic Suites
C5- Geology of the Mt. Independence State Historic Site, Orwell VT
C6 - Acadian Extension Around the Chester Dome, Vermont
C7 - Eurypterids - Central-Eastern New York Field Trip
C8 - Late Cambrian (Sauk) Carbonate Facies in the Hudson-Mohawk Valley of Eastern New York State
C9 - Geomorphologic Factors in the Failure of General Burgoyne's Northern Campaign of 1777
C10 - Selected Till and Stratified Drift Deposits Between Glens Falls and Amsterdam, New York
C11 - Geochemistry and Source of the Saratoga Springs



Entire Guidebook
Table of Contents
F1 - Stromatolites And Associated Biogenic Structures In Cambrian And Ordovician Strata In And Near Ottawa, Ontario
A1 - Precambrian Basement And Cambrian-Ordovician Strata, As Displayed In Three Provincial Parks Of Canada
A2 - Some Classic Teaching Localities In St. Lawrence County, New York
A3 - The 1993 Lemieux Landslide And Mer Bleue Bog, Southeastern Ontario, Canada
A4 - Working Across The Disciplines - Biology, Art, And Geology Meet At The Adirondack Highland-Lowland Boundary
A5 - The Nature And Tectonic Significance Of The Carthage Colton Shear Zone - Adirondack Mountains, New York State.
A6 - Cordierite-Bearing Gneisses In The West-Central Adirondack Highlands
A7 - The Powers Farm Uvite Locality - A Day In The Field At This Classic Mineral Occurrence
A8 - A Tour Of Damage Sites And A Proposed Epicenter For The Cornwall-Massena Earthquake Of 1944
B1 - L- Verses S-Tectonite Fabric Variations Within The Southern Adirondack Shear Zone System - Progressive Deformation Associated With A Sinistral Conjugate To A Grenville Syntaxis
B2 - Metamorphic Petrography Between Tupper Lake And Blue Mountain Lake
B3 - Excursion To Climb Mt. Arab In The Adirondack Mountains Near Tupper Lake
B4 - Mineral Collecting At J & L Steel Corporation, Benson Mines, Star Lake, NY
B5 - Initial Deglaciation Of The Adirondack Mountains And Development Of The Fulton Chain Lakes
W1 and W4 - Geophysical Methods of Prospecting
W2 - Earthquake Workshop
W3 - Introduction To Scanning Electron Microscopy