Some users may wish to access the database in order to search or filter the data.

If you have FileMaker Go on your iPad or iPhone, or FileMaker on your computer, you can use these:

Data No Paths fmp12 (16 MB, zipped)

Data With Paths fmp12 (44 MB, zipped)

If you have a Mac, but don't have FileMaker, and want a runtime version of FileMaker 12 which will do everything FileMaker does, but only with this database, you can try:

Stand Alone Database fmp12


To do this on a desktop computer running Microsoft Excel you can use this Excel database. (Note that the portable version of Microsoft Excel does not allow the kinds of filters you might find useful, but the desktop version does.)

Here is the template to permit you to use Excel to generate kml files which display in Google Earth. And here are the instructions on how to use it.