The map above, from Google Fusion Tables, shows field trips, stops and views from the NYSGA field conferences from 1956 through 1999. Zoom in and out and move around just like any other Google map. Click on a dot and you should get a description of the stop or view as well as the year, trip and leader of that field trip.

The links in the grey header at the top of the page will take you to:

Front Page  This page...

Project Overview  A brief synopsis of how this project developed

The Team  Some of the people behind this project

Files  A list of files which portray all of the field trips from a given year. The kmz files include graphics for the logo and icons, whereas the kml files retrieve these from the web. Curiously, the version of Google Earth on an iPad cannot access these graphic files from the kmz files.

NY Surficial Maps  Although ot really part of this project, these maps may be useful to some users

DataBases  All the data acquire during the course of this project is available in two forms: A FileMaker database which can be accessed on an IOS device running the free FileMaker Go app; and a Microsoft Excel file which can filter the data in many useful ways on a desktop computer.

Presentations  A number of presentations we have made at GSA and NEGSA meetings, etc., over the years.

Guidebook Chapters and kml files Here are all of the pdf files from the Guidebooks, separated by field trip, with kmz files for those with Road Logs. These kml files retrieve logo and icon images from the web. As the list is long, it has been broken down into two sections, 1956-1997 and 1998-Onward.